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Links for St. Mary's Catholic ChurchThere seems to be information without end on the Internet. To help you sort through what’s what in the world of Catholic online material, here is a sampling of useful Web sites:


Diocese of Erie Links:

If you are wondering what is happening in our neighboring churches visit Queen of the World Church at www.qwchurch.com and Sacred Heart Church at www.sacredheartparish.us


Stay connected to our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie. Visit www.eriercd.org and/or take a look at the recent issue of Faith magazine at www.faitherie.com


Helpful Resources:

Looking for some good reading material? There’s a world of information at your fingertips when you visit the Vatican at www.vatican.va


Don’t take a vacation from the Mass. If you’re planning to leave town, plan ahead and find the nearest Catholic Church at www.masstimes.org


Find today’s Scripture readings, get movie reviews that make sense for your family and see what the U.S. bishops say about a variety of Catholic issues. Visit www.usccb.org


Links for Catholic Youth and Young Adults:

Are you a youth or young adult living in the St. Marys area? Ministry opportunities await you at www.catholicleaf.org


If you are a teen, discover the beauty of the Catholic faith at Life Teen International: www.lifeteen.com and adults are welcome to explore www.catholicyouthministry.com


To stay connected with other youth and young adults in the Erie Diocese and to read Fr. Steve Schreiber’s weekly blog, check out www.onthevine.us


Looking for information about Catholic education in Elk County? Check out the latest on Elk County Catholic School System in St. Marys at www.eccss.org


Vocation Information:

St. Vincent Archabbey is a beautiful treasure close to home. Visit www.saintvincentarchabbey.org and learn more about the Order of St. Benedict at www.osb.org


Encounter authentic hospitality through the Benedictine Sisters of Elk County. With a 159 year old history, these women know the true meaning of faith, hope and love. You can learn more about the monastic community at www.benedictinesistersofelkcounty.org


Does your marriage need a lifeline? There is help. Visit www.retrouvaille.org


Other Cool Catholic Links:

All people are called to live a life of holiness; saints were ordinary people who lived life extra-ordinarily. Read more about these holy men and women on the “Saint of the Day.” Visit www.americancatholic.org/features/saintofday


Too busy to pray? It only takes a minute to let yourself rest in the arms of God. Visit a sacred space right here online… www.sacredspace.ie


Questions about Catholicism? Catholic Answers probably has the solution… www.catholic.com


Find that Scripture verse you were looking for…visit www.biblegateway.com


Our Catholic faith calls us to work for peace and justice. See how you can help at Catholic Relief Services, www.crs.org, and Catholic Charities, www.catholiccharitiesusa.org


We invite you to join the mission... With your help, in the next year we're going to reach 15 million people with the Reason for Our Hope, Jesus Christ! Visit www.reasonforourhope.org


Put a smile on your neighbor’s face by sending them an online greeting card from www.catholicgreetings.org